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About Me

My name is Ebony, the creator of The Wellness Queendom.

I created TWQ to hold space for people looking to heal themselves; mind. body and spirit, as well as elevate self-esteem, confidence, self love, consciousness, spiritual health and physical health.  


I have a strong passion for assisting people elevate spiritually, mentally, emotionally, cosmically; through mind, body and spirit.


My sun being in the Aquarius moon and rising in Libra, contributes to me being a natural humanitarian, storyteller and educator.


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, Masters in Science in Counseling Psychology, Herbal Master and Sacred Woman ascending in Sacred Space and Sacred Relationships/Unions.


I have dedicated my life to uplifting the community through spiritual and holistic practices. High vibrations, self- love, nutrition and Chakra healing is the center of my programs, amongst other beneficial spiritual tools. 

Thank you for your interest and congratulations on putting you and your mind, body and spirit first!

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