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Hi I am Ebony. 

A visionary, alchemist and spiritualist. 

I started The Wellness Queendom for many reasons, but particularly for issues I dealt with personally, issues my family dealt with and my community, which i learned are present in all communities. Once i figured out how to solve some of my challenges and strong holds, i then needed to share my methods, my knowledge, my talents and gifts with the world, so that they too can live a more balance, in-tune beautiful life. 

I had a very unique upbringing I was raised by a single mother, in California, with help from my grandparents and even great grandparents at times. All of them were very influential in my life. I learned so much from watching a young single mom make ends meet to provide and elevate both me and herself. I equally learned a lot from watching two people from the deep south navigate life, as my grandpa (papa) fell sick due to diabetes at age 54 and becoming an ancestor by age 59. ( Diabetes and childhood trauma really impacts our lives) I was able to gain a multi generational outlook on life and see it from many different  lenses. Which was both confusing at times and a great experience. Spirituality was always a topic in our household. Everything we did involved God, rituals, prayer and self betterment. Even though sometimes it could be repetitive or done out of tradition. 

I started TWQ because I saw what untreated mental health issues can do to you and a family. I saw how poverty puts you in low vibrational situations, how an poverty mind can lead you to destruction. I saw how eating unhealthy and not taking care of your body could lead you to early death. On the flip side, I also had the opportunity to see how discipline can create success in your life, how eating a healthy nutrient  filled diet could add years not just years to your life but bring a calm and peace to the mind. All of my were extremely relevant and shaped my life's purpose. 


After experiencing family trauma, weight issues, fibroids, reproductive issues, mental health and low confidence I decided to make a huge change in my life. I decided to take accountability, I decided to learn, I decided to align myself with people who were as spiritual as myself, who lead with love, integrity, wisdom and self discipline. 


It's important to add that I graduated from college with my bachelor's in Social Work, as well as a Master's in Counseling Psychology. I have worked in higher education, social justice, Government agencies, non- profits and traveled throughout the United States with the initiative to change communities and spiritual houses for the better. Even after having all  these vast achievements and experiences, i didn't feel full. I knew i wasn't completely walking in my purpose.  So I was called to journey deep within my self, God and my place on this earth. In this time I did several certifications. I became a juice specialist, a herbalist, wellness ambassador, completed self healing programs, therapy and Sacred women. 

It was in this space of healing, where God spoke to me and many things I had been through and learned now made sense. My journey was and is for me to not only learn and heal myself. But it's for me to share the wealth. Teach others how to get to a space of peace, success, happiness and clarity. To use our natural born tools to live a life of abundance I'm everyway possible. 

I use many tools to teach, guide and counsel, but my core is prayer, nutrition, visual meditation and nature. It's has and continues to make a huge impact on every aspect of my life and those around me. And now I am excited to share the wealth with you all. 


Welcome to The Wellness Queendom, where the healed you is awaiting! 

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