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Imagine Waking Up Every Morning With A Calm & Peaceful Feeling


Yoga Session


This is my second reading from The Wellness Queendom.  My first reading good.  I'm kind of new to this. But I tell you what my second reading was right on point. We started out just talking and then doing some breath breaths...that helped me to loosen up, calm down  and be grounded.  I was able to think clearly  and ge tin touch with my soul.  She was able to tell me what body parts where bothering me.  I was able to get comfortable and ask some questions.  With which she drew cards and they where right on point.  It allowed me to make some life changing decisions that where good more me.  I definitely  would recommend a personal visit, by phone or Zoom.  Sometimes you need confirmation and your soul to be at ease.

Thank you Wellness Queendom,


First off, I didn't know anything about Ebony or the wellness Queendom, I actually thought she was in my city, so I followed her on IG. After looking at some of her posts and videos I decided to book an energy reading. She was able to confirm so much for me, even things I thought I was done working through. I loved the fact that she was able to tell me what chakras I needed to work through and suggested foods on how to balance them. Balancing chakras and being aware of what was off really helped me work through some inner child issues. I'll book again and again.


I love Ebony and what the wellness Queendom is becoming. She helped me work through so much through out this year. I realized I had to go back to the basics; breath, give myself grace, journal, eat right, nature. The energy readings helped me stay intune. She confirmed so much for me.

Imani G

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