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1 Flow- Cucumber, Pear & Parsley

1 H3O2- Coconut water, Watermelon & Cucumber

1 Rooted-Orange, Ginger, carrot & burdock root

1 Balance- Pineapple, mint & Raspberry leaf

1 Green Goddess- green apple, spinach, cucumbers & coconut water

1 True Green- cucumber, kale, spinach, seasonal apple, celery & lemon


Period relief package: 

Option 1.

You can either detox the week before

Number of days is up to you. I recommend 3 to 5 days. This is to help alleviate, cramps, bloating and pms. 


Option 2.

A full detox / cleanse during. 

The best time to take in herbs is during your period so you can release toxins ad you release and blend. Also use this energy to manifest and pray. 


Option 3. 

1 drink a day for each day you're on your period.

1 a day helps alleviate period cramps, mental and emotional health on the spot.

Period Relief Package (1 Day)

  •  Minimum Amount Required For Check Out Is $45


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