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Detoxing before your period will lessen the toxin levels in your body from foods and environment. While giving your body time and organs time to regulate and balance your hormones. Helping you have a healthier period. 


Detoxing and taking herbs while on your period helps your body in elimination, releasing and welcoming a fresh start. This will also aid in alleviating cramping. *It's a good idea to drink your tea and take your herbs during time as well.


Ingredients: Cantaloupe, Carrot, Orange  

Instructions: 1 day, 3 day, 5 day option - This can be started 3 days before and/or during your period. You can use it to help manage cramps as well as a cleanse while on your period. 

Period Relief Package (1 Day)

  •  Minimum Amount Required For Check Out Is $45


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