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I am: for the root

red apple + beet +cinnamon + nutmeg  

Helps you feel a sense of groundedness and help to stay present. 

I feel: for the sacral

Orange + turmeric+ vanilla 

Aids in you feeling more connected to your emotions to work through them.

I will: for the solar

Pineapple +ginger+calendula 

Helps you feel more confident and a sense of self.

I love: for the heart

Green Apple + rose petal + burdock root

helps to have a stronger sense of self love, compassion and forgivenness.

I speak: for the throat

blueberry + blue lotus + coconut water 

great to help you speak blessings over your self, manifest and speak up.

I see

Butterfly Pea flower + Purple Grape + cucumber

See vision for you and your life. Assists in meditation. 

I know

Gota Kola + Walnut flower essence + Seasonal Apple+ fresh Raw coconut  water

Mental & Emotional support

  •  Minimum Amount Required For Check Out Is $45


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