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The wellness queendom
provides the best juice cleanse
I've had. After my 3 day cleanse
I felt lighter and had more
energy. Almost instantly I could
feel them working especially
the green juices. Everyone
needs to taste the green


I purchased a 1 day cleanse
from the Wellness Queendom.
It was my first cleanse but
definitely won't be my last.
Prior to starting I had a cold
and by the end of my cleanse
it was gone! Do yourself and
your body a favor and get som
Wellness Queendom Juice!"


I have not been able to lose 1 pound on my own. I did a cleanse Thursday to Friday, then weighed myself at work Monday morning, and I was down 3 pounds.


The juice did such a great job with alleviating my menstrual cramps.
I used the juice on my 3rd day of menstruation, which is typically my
heaviest flow and cramp day. Within a
few hours of drinking the juice my cramps
were gone along with some of my bloating. I felt like I could actually
leave the house and not feel terrible. Will
definitely be using this juice again!


I did the detox for 3 days amazing I
have always been constipated but
since my detox my bowel movement is better. Also changed my diet especially making sure I have 3 meals a day I will recommend it and the juices taste really good.


I am a personal trainer , so I am great at working on my body, BUT I would not be in this shape without Ebony's nutrition guidance and juices. Since using her juices, I have been in tiptop shape. My immune system is stronger. Ebony has helped me identify foods that give me acne and mess up my stomach. I love the juices and systems, and I tell all my clients about her.

Our Clients Say

I did a 2 week cleanse with fruit, vegetable juice, and herbs while working out and lost 15 lbs. I couldn't lose weight before but now I continue to lose weight. Currently 150 lbs.  - Ebony, The Wellness Queen Herself
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